Dial M for Murder



“We have been to see the play already, all the way to Valbonne from Draguignan. We loved it. Everyone was superb..Margo very ‘typical and natural..’ and may I add, we thought the inspector acted particularly convincingly and theatrically, in a wry..witty and dry manner. A lot of care had gone into the set.. an altogether accomplished play, and we are very lucky to have you..”
– Paula and Carl, Figaniers


“Dial M for Murder was a great play to watch, performed by some great actors. I was completely drawn in. I would highly recommend it and would love to see it again. Thanks for the entertainment.”
– H. Freeman, Birmingham, UK


“I was not expecting to like Dial M for Murder, because I’m not much of a thriller buff, but this one was excellent, done by actors who knew what they were doing. The ‘murderer for hire’ was sufficiently evil as only the English can do. The young actors, from Margo, the possible victim to her two lovers, were well cast and did a great job. And the inspector must have been modeled after Columbo. He’s worth waiting for until the second act.”
– A. Bomse, Miami, Florida


“It’s too bad the play is not going to be on much longer, because it’s worth going to the theatre to see. For those of us expats in the South of France who love the theatre and have nowhere to go unless we get on a plane to fly back to London, Dial M for Murder was a welcome addition to the Cote d’Azur. Thank you, Frances and please thank the actors for us as well. They were all excellent and very believable in a play that is full of twists and turns.”
– A. and J. Hughes, Valbonne, France


“It was a fantastic adaptation, with an interesting and suspenseful plot and brilliant acting… Despite the murder mystery genre, the play is light-hearted and comedic in places, so it is definitely one that can be enjoyed by all the family. “
– Rhian Williams – The Riviera Times


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SET Theatre presents DIAL M FOR MURDER

SET Theatre presents DIAL M FOR MURDER

South of France English Theatre presents DIAL M FOR MURDER

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