Language Swap Stop at SET





Exchange French and English conversation at our ‘Language Swap Shop’ at SET Theatre,

163-171 Rue St Sauveur, Le Cannet 06110


One hour of Informal conversation with qualified teachers present, followed by the opportunity to socialise at the exclusive members café/bar at SET Theatre, relax and enjoy the ambience.


Cost just 10 euros per session after an annual membership fee of 25 euros.


How does it work?


  1. Groups of 4 students per table, two native French speakers and 2 native English speakers.


  1. Each table is provided with a topic, or a game, to promote engaging conversation.


  1. Teachers will be on hand to assist with grammar structures and to answer any questions.


  1. After 15 minutes the groups swap tables and discuss the next topic.


Half way through students will change groups



Costs just 10 euros per session, after an annual membership fee of 25 euros.



A fun, practical way to improve your language skills.

For more information, we would be delighted to talk to you on 04 22 10 49 51/ 06 34 10 09 78 or via email: or click HERE to register your interest in attending. 

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